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There are actually several of us working on this web site.  We come from different countries and different walks of life, but this site has brought us together with a common focus on hemroids.

As the owner, so to speak, I’ll tell you a bit about me, and leave the others to talk about themselves if they wish to.  Polite, you know.

Anyway.  My story in health web sites started around the turn of the century, the year 2,000AD, when my son, Jacob, was born with Down Syndrome.  Being a highly tumultuous time, there was a real fast learning curve and the over riding desire to help him more than anything. 

To cut the story short, as a result of Jacob being born with Down Syndrome, I begun writing about the issues affecting those with Down Syndrome, and their parents and carers.

After that, it just seemed natural to write about those things that affected me personally.  For the most part, they are the health issues I talk about on my web sites.  It shows too – not just web sites written to get an audience nor make a quick back, but web sites designed to meet the health needs of those visiting them – and they are all free.

I now help around TWO million people a year come to to terms with their health problems and, for the most part, become healed to boot.

Personal background

I live in Australia, country being ravaged by climate change.

Been married for 21 years now – a carer for the past 15. Wife, Carolyn, came down with a simple viral infection, undiagnosed meningitis set in and her health deteriorated like a stuck of dominoes slowly toppling over, one by one.

We have 5 children.  The eldest started university this year.  We are pretty proud of him, of all our kids.  They accomplish so much, stay out of trouble and live good upstanding lives.

Yes, we have a dog, Hero, and a cat, Mini.  A goldfish – no name.

I hit the dreaded 50 years old mark this year – 2008.

Professional Background

Well, been around for 50 years.  Trained at university to be a psychologist, but loved sociology, anthropology and philosophy too.   Main work places included Psychologist in Charge, in a medium security prison working with prisoners – some pretty famous ones at that. Also worked as a  Care and Protection Psychologist mainly with children who had been extensively abused, neglected, before being made state wards.

Research is one of my lifes ongoing pursuits.  I was trained to research at uni and my first real job so to speak, was researching the needs of rural students – especially isolated rural students – which then allowed the tertiary education system responsible for the large geographical area to plan ahead for about the next ten years.

That was a project.  I even did the computer programming for the research to be statistically analysed.

Lets face it, research is all about pattern recognition – finding patterns in events and stuff.

Anyway, when I employed my American worker, it was largely because I could see her love of research.  Research is so important to getting things right, particularly in the helping professions.

In conclusion

If you want to ask me anything, feel free.

Kind regards,


Loni L Ice is the other writer, apart from me, and has consented to the following being added here about her:

Loni L. Ice is a freelance writer and editor, living in Lawrence, a small town in the state of Kansas.  She runs the website <a href=http://www.copywriterinfo.com>CopywriterInfo.com</a>, a free online resource for all things copywriting.  She enjoys gardening, textile arts, medieval history, Celtic history, classical literature, not-so-classical music, herbalism, and pharmaceutical study as hobbies, and of course writes about them incessantly.  She currently holds a CphT certification but has stopped actively practicing as a pharmacy technician in favor of translating medical jargon into clear informative articles anyone can understand.  She lives with her tile artist husband, two toddlers, Siberian Husky and pro author father in a quiet, peaceful corner of her hometown and is building her dreams along with her writing business.

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