Chemotherapy and Pre Skin Cancers

Posted July 23rd, 2008 by Don

Well, I have been absent from the blog for some time because I had chemotherapy for some pre skin cancers and other stuff as well.


The problem of pre skin cancers

My health problem was lots of pre skin cancers all over my face and ears.  If even one of these pre skin cancers turned to cancer, the resulting surgery would have been quite disfiguring to my face.

Let’s face it, we meet everyone with our face and hands, so we need to keep these looking as good as possible.

The pre skin cancer on the nose was so undefined, that the doctor referred me to a plastic surgeon. 

 The plastic surgeon said the area on my nose was quite large and he wouldn’t attempt to remove the area as a result, and sent me on my way.

So there I was, left with lots of pre skin cancers on my face and ears, and no one really wanted to do anything about them because they were so extensive. 

I also knew the precancers were getting worse as my skin stopped being smooth and was becoming very lumpy.  Scary.


Chemotherapy creams for pre skin cancers

I then recalled a conversation with a friend from 30 years ago.  He said they gave his dad a cream to get rid of his skin cancers.

So, armed with this recollection, I went into  see another doctor, he thought just burning the pre skin cancers off was a good way to go, but that would leave me with permanent white patches over my skin, and he had no idea where a pre skin cancer started or ended. 

 I told him about my memory of the conversation I had with my friend.

The doctor seemed stunned, but said, yes, there are skin cancer creams that could be used, but that they were expensive (about $100, or 50 pounds a tube).  So I got the prescription for my chemotherapy cream.


Takes about 2 months for the chemotherapy cream to fully work on pre skin cancers, and another month or so for the skin to repair

Went home, and begun applying it according to directions – initially once a day for six weeks, then later twice a day.

Within a a few weeks my face became quite a sight to see – all the pre skin cancers were being attacked by the cream and they were becoming nasty looking scabs and very red.  If I went into a shop, well, most people were alarmed by the way I looked and kept a wide berth from me.

After several weeks, my pre skin cancers reached the stage where they were bleeding and lesioning, so I was then able to stop the cream.

I was afraid to use it on the nose and around the eyes, because, if overdone, the chemotherapy cream could cause scarring, but I did everywhere I needed to, including around the nose and eyes.

Also, it’s best to use after the shower, but some hours before bed, so as to avoid the chemotherapy cream being rubbed off by sheets and so on.

Yes, it had become itchy to boot, but you are not allowed to scratch.


Results of using the chemotherapy cream for pre skin cancers

It’s taken a few more weeks, but my skin is looking much nicer and now feels nice and smooth again.

After my success with this sort of treatment for pre skin cancers, it is definitely one that I suggest people consider for the treatment of their pre skin cancers.

Also, now that I am back, I’ve decided to have some one else add to this blog, so that it is just not going to be me.  They should be adding other content from around August 1st.

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