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Yeast Infections – Candida

Posted May 22nd, 2008 by Don

Yeast infection causes Yeast infections are caused by yeast-like bacterial organisms known under the general name of candida. Many kinds of candida bacteria may found in harmless amounts, especially in the bowels, mouth, skin, digestive tract, and in the groin area. Under altered conditions, such as a change in membrane pH balance or a course [...]

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The Circulatory System and Hemorrhoids

Posted May 1st, 2008 by Don

How the circulatory system works Gaining a basic understanding of the circulatory system is integral to understanding where hemorrhoids come from and how they work. The circulatory system feeds oxygenated blood to the entire body through arteries, and conveys cellular waste to the kidneys and blood back to the heart through veins. While a small [...]

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