Basic Hemorrhoid Treatment

Posted April 28th, 2008 by Don

Hemorrhoid treatment may be roughly divided into two different classifications, namely relief treatment and curative treatment.

While a cure for hemorrhoids is, of course, the end goal, relief from the symptoms of hemorrhoids is a necessary part of maintaining a standard of living while curative treatments are taking effect. Therefore, knowledge of each will help to make the whole process of getting rid of hemorrhoids much more pleasant and productive.

Basic hemorrhoid relief can be found in a variety of ways, many of which are readily available in any home.

Ibuprofen is the best common over-the-counter medication to use on irritated hemorrhoids, but acetaminophen will work in a pinch. While acetaminophen will help with the pain, ibuprofen also directly addresses inflammation, which is the most common underlying source of hemorrhoid pain.

Another basic home relief remedy is to take a bath in an inch or two of warm water, referred to as a sitz-bath, for twenty minutes, three times per day.

Many find it helpful to sit on a towel-wrapped icepack or ice cubes after the sitz-bath, as the alternating heat and cold provides circulatory stimulation and pain relief.

In addition, pharmacies are filled with hemorrhoid creams for soothing external hemorrhoids, while drinking aloe vera juice may provide relief for inflamed internal hemorrhoids.

Basic hemorrhoid cures are usually rather simple to do at home as they mostly involve diet and lifestyle changes.

No matter what actually causes your hemorrhoids, a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle will never help.

The average human being requires between twenty to thirty grams of fiber and 64 ounces of water per day in order for the gastrointestinal system to function properly. Dietary sources of fiber include fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, and whole grains. When changing your diet, remember to only introduce one new food per week as too quick of a diet change will produce pure misery as your intestinal system gets used to the new regime. In addition, dividing the water up over the entire day will keep unfortunate bloating from interfering with normal activities.

Hemorrhoid relief and hemorrhoid cures frequently intersect.

Changing your diet to the above recommendations will immediately start to soothe hemorrhoids, as bowel movements will no longer be an occasion for straining and long sessions on the toilet.

Improving circulation by alternating sitz-baths and icepacks may improve the area enough to contribute to hemorrhoid recession.

Therefore, exploring all of the basic methods of hemorrhoid treatment and integrating them into daily life is often a cost-effective method of dealing with this unpleasant condition.

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